Your toolkit for troubled times: one-to-one online consultations

Calming anxiety. Supporting health and immunity. Managing complex symptoms.

Join me to build your toolkit for troubled times

During lockdown, we’ve found that there are meaningful ways to stay in contact, so that although face-to-face isn’t currently an option, we can connect effectively to protect your physical and mental health. You can build yourself a toolkit for troubled times. 

One-to-one online consultations

While my treatment room is closed I’m supporting your well being online with one-to-one virtual treatment sessions held over a live video call using a secure and data-compliant telehealth portal.

During each 45-minute session I’ll talk you through individual treatments based on the principles of Chinese medicine and designed around your own medical history. 

Just as I do in my treatment room, I’ll respond to what’s going on in your life and how you’re feeling physically and mentally on the day. 

At the same time, I’ll be considering the bigger picture – getting to the root of your symptoms, encouraging your body’s own healing responses and restoring your body’s balance. 

Teaching you new skills

I’ll coach you in appropriate techniques including acupressure, gua sha and tuina, that – with guidance, and a little practice – you can use at home. 

In your online sessions we’ll also work on what to eat to give your immune system the support it needs right now. And because my advice is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, the food choices we discuss will also help you manage symptoms you’re struggling with. There’ll be ideas too for uplifting snacks and meals to keep your mood – and your family’s – as positive as possible. 

These new skills will be the foundation of your toolkit for troubled times, helping you to calm anxiety, boost your immune system, enjoy your food, juggle work and childcare, manage pain and improve your sleep.

It’s never been more important to protect your own health. 

Contact me today to start building your toolkit for troubled times. 

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