Find calm,  take control of your health

Traditional acupuncture is a healthcare system based on ancient principles which go back over two thousand years.

The overall aims of acupuncture treatment are to restore balance to body and mind and to help you protect your physical and mental health.

Patients generally find acupuncture calming and relaxing, reporting positive experiences and tangible benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. 
Get in touch for a free 20-minute consultation . Ask any questions you have and find out more about  how acupuncture can help you as an individual cope better with a range of common health  challenges,  both chronic and/or acute. 
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Felt the benefit after my first treatment.

Kind, understanding and highly professional acupuncturist, in a lovely clinic room.


Wonderfully calming treatments

in a lovely setting. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, it was brilliant to have a health professional really take the time to take a detailed history and consider all of my symptoms, from things I’ve struggled with for years, to an injured neck!

I really like Kaye’s holistic approach.

I’ve been seeing Kaye for the last few months and she is brilliant – very professional, friendly, kind, empathetic and understanding.


A compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner

who has repeatedly demonstrated a capacity to genuinely listen to both me and my body’s needs and respond effectively.

If you have never had acupuncture before Kaye offers a gentle and appropriate introduction. If you are a lifelong adherent, I trust Kaye’s practice of Five Element Acupuncture will add to your appreciation of this healing art.


Acupuncture got me back on my feet.

When my osteopath felt they had done as much as they could for me, they recommended Kaye, and I’m so glad they did. I found Kaye to be warm, friendly and professional, and the acupuncture treatment she provided got me back on my feet.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kaye.


Tension melting away

I left today’s treatment session feeling so energised. It was like a whole-body hug and now I’m floating on a cloud. I felt tension I didn’t know was there just melting away.



Emotional and physical support

I have been seeing Kaye for over a year now. I had never had acupuncture before and had only associated it with injury and pain relief.

After a life-changing diagnosis I was open-minded to try new approaches to support my immunity and general wellbeing and am so pleased that I found Kaye.

I always feel so much better after a session and truly believe it is supporting me physically and emotionally.

Kaye is friendly, professional and very knowledgable about the treatment she is giving. She treats her clients with sensitivity and warmth. I would totally recommend.



I have found acupuncture incredibly useful.

Will definitely be looking to have future sessions.

Feel very lucky to have such a brilliant acupuncturist on my doorstep.



I now feel normal

I now feel ‘normal’ after five years of feeling anxious.  Any problems or dramas I have are talked through at the beginning which I feel is really helpful and reassuring. I always leave feeling calm and relaxed.


Medical problems greatly improved

Several medical problems are greatly improved.


Thank you for all the support you have given me

I have had some amazing insights over the last few months and wouldn’t be where I am today without you.


I wish I had found Kaye years ago

An hour with Kaye  provides an oasis of calm  when I can focus on what I need. Kaye listens to what is going on for me , with  a lovely, warm and kind manner and a huge amount of knowledge.  Acupuncture, carried out by a fully qualified practitioner is amazing!  I wish I had found Kaye years ago.


Warm, thoughtful, skilful

Since entering my 50s I found myself more prone to uncomfortable symptoms, affecting my confidence and sense of wellbeing.  I was so pleased to start having acupuncture with Kaye. I felt she had deep insight into my health picture.  From the first session I felt different in a good way. I find Kaye to be a warm, thoughtful and skilful therapist. I feel so grateful to her for feeling so good in my 50s. 


I love my acupuncture sessions

 I love my acupuncture sessions with Kaye –  they are relaxing and I feel so much healthier. She is an excellent practitioner. Thank you Kaye. 


Thanks to Kaye I now feel better both physically and mentally.

 I have some complex chronic health issues and the medical treatment to enable me to continue my ‘normal’ life has brought about a few side effects. Thanks to Kaye I now feel better both physically and mentally – I am now able to take regular walks and I am very pleased to say that my ‘score on the door’ is approx. 8 miles and counting!


I have been impressed and delighted

I have had more energy, felt more capable and find myself consistently doing things that I would not have been able to do three months ago. I have been impressed and delighted with the changes in myself I have seen. It is a slow journey and although there will be pitfalls along the way, I know with Kaye’s support and help I will be able to achieve my goals and aims. 


I always come away with a happy feeling

 I had a course of acupuncture with Kaye in the summer, which I found very relaxing and helpful.  My wellbeing has been much better. I always come away with a happy feeling ready to face whatever I meet.