Find calm, support your immune system, take control of your health

Traditional acupuncture is a healthcare system based on ancient principles which go back over two thousand years.

It works to promote good health and prioritises the prevention of ill health.

Pain, illness and distress are signs that the body is out of balance. 

The overall aims of acupuncture treatment are to restore balance to body and mind and to help you protect your physical and mental health.

Patients generally find acupuncture extremely relaxing,  reporting positive experiences and tangible benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. 
In addition to the experiences of patients and of practitioners over many years, a growing body of clinical research provides the evidence that traditional acupuncture safely treats a wide range of common health problems.
During this third lockdown, I’ve taken the opportunity to relocate my treatment room. From mid-April I’ll be practising from a dedicated and COVID-19 secure space in my home. In the meantime, I offer online consultations ahead of re-opening for in-person treatments on 21st April 2021. (Subject to Government guidelines and the recommendations of my professional body, the British Acupuncture Council, on COVID-19 restrictions.) 
Get in touch for a free 20-minute consultation by phone or video link. Ask any questions you may have and find out more about  how acupuncture can help you cope better with a range of common health  challenges , including acute and chronic muscular pain; morning sickness; periods and menopausal symptoms; fertility and IVF support; anxiety; digestive issues; allergies and hay fever as well as chronic conditions like migraine, endometriosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and  Long-Covid .
Email kaye@kr-acupuncture.com  or phone me on 07593 058748

Encourage your body and mind into healing mode – in my live online guided relaxation classes.  Join me at 8pm on Mondays for some much-needed calm. Email or phone to register for three free sessions of gentle movement and mindful stress relief. 

“Learning and enjoying these relaxation techniques is a little bit of something special in my week.” HC

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