Facial enhancement acupuncture is more than just cosmetic

People come to acupuncture for many different reasons  – including for treatments that combine feel-good with look-good.

Facial enhancement acupuncture offers you the best of both worlds.

True beauty comes from within of course: diagnosing and understanding your health challenges remains my priority.

Whether you’re coming for facial acupuncture or traditional Five Element acupuncture, in your first appointment my focus is on understanding the health and wellbeing challenges you’re facing. I take a full medical history, including understanding any existing health concerns and noting any prescribed or over-the-counter medications you’re taking.

This first consultation is the key not only to treating you safely, but also to an in-depth diagnosis that allows me to make a treatment plan that’s unique to you.

The stomach, gallbladder, large intestine and bladder channels all start or end their pathways on the face. That means using carefully selected acupuncture points on the face and neck can be helpful where stress and worry, lack of sleep and digestive upset show in your complexion and as worry and frown lines.

With its focus on how you look, Facial Enhancement acupuncture simply offers a welcome extra boost of enhancement techniques. Additional tiny needles – called intradermals – are precisely placed for smoothing jowls, frown and laughter lines, easing puffiness and toning tired muscles. Gentle facial gua sha and cooling jade roller massage also work to relax and tone.


Initial facial enhancement acupuncture consultation – including consultation and treatment, this session lasts around one and a half hours and costs £99.

Follow up sessions – last around 50 minutes and cost £85.

Pre-book a series of six sessions, including initial consultation with first treatment and five follow up treatments for £499.

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